Train to Arizona from California

Are you planning a vacation trip to Arizona? Or you have a business meeting and you are thinking of taking the train?
I will get you all the information you need about using a train to get to Arizona from California major cities.

Traveling by train to Arizona

Traveling by train it’s fun, it gives you another perspective about traveling, you get to connect with people and you can assimilate the views way differently than using a car or a bus.
It could also be cheaper than an airliner.
The only issue would be the time, since it will take way longer to get to your destination than using a plane, or even a car.

Planning a train trip is like planning any other trip, depending how long it will be, who is joining you and what are your regular needs while you are traveling.

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Taking a Train to Arizona from California

A train trip to Arizona from California, wouldn’t be longer than 24 hours, even from the farthest points.

Leaving from California, AmTrak offers you the opportunity to get a train directly, without any bus rides (except from home to station), in few major cities.

The AmTrak route leaving Sacramento, would get through Oakland, San Jose, Los Angeles from where you have two train routes to get to Arizona. First would be Los Angeles to Yuma and from there to Maricopa and next Tucson. Second one would be from Los Angeles to Flagstaff.


The average cost of a train ticket to Arizona from California depends on your exact leaving city and final destination.

Just for an idea, leaving from Sacramento to Flagstaff, would cost you anywhere between $100 to $300, depending what plan you use, the total travel time would be about 21 hours.

The second route, which would be Sacramento - Los Angeles - Maricopa would cost you kind of the same but the travel time would be slightly longer.

Let me know in the comments, how was your ride!