Train Conductor Job Description

In this article I am going to present you everything I know from my experience, about a train conductor job description.

You are about to enter into a tough industy.To be a successful train conductor requires certain characteristics.

I will walk you through all of them.

Let’s start with a concise train conductor job description.

A conductor’s biggest goal is safety.

He/She is expected to coordinate activities of the train crew. In other words the train conductor is “the boss” of the crew, responsible for the safety of the passengers and everyone who ride on their trains.

“There isn't a train I wouldn't take, no matter where it's going.” Travel,Edna St. Vincent Millay

There is something about trains… Some people simply love them.

Perhaps one of the reasons is that train travel can take you to areas of the world that very few other methods of travel can bring you to.

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Some conductors work on trains that carry passengers or cargo.

They are responsible for trains to operate as smoothly as possible. Before leaving the station, conductors communicate with the railroad's central office, by telephone, fax, or computer, receiving different orders. The information they get is regarding the cargo, train routes, scheduled stops.

Train conductor job description may differ by railroad company, but usually he/she needs to make that the train is in accordance with all orders, signals, rules and regulations. They are also responsible for guaranteeing the train is running on time and leaves the station when it’s supposed to.

The conductor monitors any equipment issues, prioritizes mechanical problems, arranges for repairs, stops when necessary, keeping the locomotive engineer informed of any important issues. As a train conductor, you will also spend some time in an office dealing with paperwork, such as reporting any incidents or problems encountered.
As mentioned above we can find train conductors splitted in two main categories: passenger train conductors and freight train conductors. We will describe them both, let’s get rolling.

Passenger train conductor are in charge of a train and the passengers. They are responsible for coordinating all activities on the train.

On passenger trains, railroad conductors have to check and collect tickets, or they can also sell tickets to anyone in need. Their job is to keep track of who is riding the train. They will provide passengers with information, assist them with anything (seat location, baggage loading and storage and any special needs they may have while riding the train), will keep the peace, removing any disruptive passengers.

The conductor inspects the train for damage before departing, recording any interior problems and requesting they be repaired so passengers travel in comfort. When the train stops at a station the conductor must get off and monitor the exit and assisting with boarding. The passenger train conductor job description is different from a freight train conductor.

Freight train conductor is an entry-level railroad job, they are expected to be found on, as you guessed, cargo trains. Freight conductors evaluate the mechanical functioning of a freight train, before departure and during transit, directing the engineer to make a repair stop, if necessary.

The conductor is responsible for coordinating all of the train crew's activities, working with other railroad employees to ensure safe transportation of cargo. Duties include reviewing schedules, maintaining shipping records and paperwork, as for example what time the cargo was loaded and what time it was unloaded, properly distributing weight throughout the train and operating freight cars in the rail yard.

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One of the toughest train conductor requirements, is that the job may require you to be gone for certain period of time, may spend a great deal of time away from home. If you love travelling and seeing the beautiful country this may be a great job for you.

It's a very physical job, requiring that the train conductor be able to lift, push, and pull various weights. You are required to communicate with the whole crew so communicative skills is a must. In addition, you must have good eyesight, hearing and be in good health.

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Train conductors and the rest of the crew are working together toward the goal of safe and efficient travel.