Railroad Tie Dimensions – What are they? Length, Width, and Depth.

If you are interested in any sort of question regarding the railroad ties, rest assured I have them all. Today we are going to find out what are the railroad tie dimensions, their length, width and depth.

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railroad tie dimensions

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What are the railroad tie dimensions?

Railroad ties are used for supporting the train tracks, their dimensions are quite universal with some exceptions.

The standard railroad ties dimensions and most used are 7” (in) x 9” (in) x 8.5’ (feet). Some other dimensions are also in use, those are 7” (in) x 8” (in) x 8.5’ (feet) ; 6” (in) x 8” (in) x 8.5’ (feet).

Above I mentioned that the dimensions are universal with some exceptions, that exception applies to the railroad ties used on bridges, which are longer and in some instances thicker.

The bridge’s railroad tie dimensions are no less than 8” (in) x 9” (in) x 10’ (feet) which are 1 foot longer than the standard railroad tie.

Railroad ties dimensions are also categorized by grade, depending on how heavy the train traffic will be on that portion of rail track. There are two grades available, 6” grade and 7” grade.

There are also a couple shapes of railroad ties, perfectly square ones and slightly rounded on two sides, while the dimensions might be the same, the shape can differ.