Railroad Jobs in Nevada - Las Vegas, Reno - UP and BNSF

Nevada has an economy which is tied to tourism, gambling and entertainment.

As a result the railroad infrastructure wasn’t and it still isn’t very vast in the state. There are only two Class Is railroads that offer railroad jobs in Nevada.

Before we take a closer look at those two Class Is railroad job providers, I need to mention that working in the railroad industry isn’t a walk in the park.
Especially taking Nevada’s climate in the equation with those hot summer days, but they serve a great cause, helping to feed and clothe America and they come with great benefits and salary.

railroad jobs in nevada
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Railroad Jobs in Nevada - Las Vegas, Reno.

Railroad jobs are abundant in some states of the United States, like Texas, Ohio, Georgia, but not as numerous in Nevada. As mentioned above, Nevada’s economy doesn’t necessarily produce what trains need to carry.

Two railroad jobs providers in Nevada

Union Pacific and BNSF are the only two Class Is in the state. Between Union Pacific Nevada and BNSF Nevada, Union Pacific is the largest and most dominant in the state, owning all 1,085 main lines of route.

According to BLS.gov, there are between 22-220 locomotive engineers in Nevada, with an average salary between $76,840 to $99,520, and between 30-320 train conductors and yardmasters.

The average salary for a train conductor in Nevada is one of the highest in the country, between $70,360 - $77,080.

There are two private carriers in Nevada, Nevada Industrial Switch and Savage Rail.

Passenger carriers that might offer railroad jobs in Nevada are:

  • Amtrak (AMTK): California Zephyr
  • Las Vegas Monorail
  • Mandalay Bay Tram
  • Nevada Northern Railway Museum (NN)
  • Nevada Southern Railway
  • Nevada State Railroad Museum Virginia and Truckee Railroad
  • Nevada railroad jobs include engineers, roadmasters, trainmasters, train conductors, dispatchers, mechanics, electricians.

    Chances of finding a railroad job in Nevada are good, keep in mind that Nevada’s railroad industry is not the greatest in the country, but the salaries are some of the highest in the nation.
    Things may change and with the new construction of solar energy production factories and other manufacturing ventures, maybe we will see a boost both in demand as well as railroad jobs.

    Looking for a railroad job in a different state? Check out the map below!

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