Railroad Jobs in Oklahoma - Tulsa, Enid, Norman

Oklahoma state or The Land of The Red Man, its the 20th more extensive and 28th most populous state in the United States, offering a sizable amount of railroad jobs

The state of Oklahoma it's a major producer of oil and natural gas, which translates directly to a greater need of railroad infrastructure.

The major economic engines are biotechnology, aviation, energy, telecommunication mainly in Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

Oklahoma's climate is a humid subtropical, which means that severe weather, as tornadoes and heavy thunderstorms are normal. This can have a great impact on your decision of working as a freight conductor, or getting any railroad jobs that require you to spend time outside.

Oklahoma Railroad Jobs

About 270 million tons of freight are carried through Oklahoma State every year, with rails carrying between 50 to 100 trains each day. Many experts believe that the volume will double in the next two decades.

There are about 1,800 railroad jobs in Oklahoma, with an average salary of $75,000/year.

Oklahoma railroad jobs include locomotive engineers, train conductors, trainmasters, yardmasters, dispatchers,roadmasters, mechanics, electricians, maintenance, operations, management, and few more.

BNG 84, an EMD GP38-2, sits in the railyard at Blackwell, Oklahoma. Railroad jobs in Oklahoma
BNG 84, an EMD GP38-2, sits in the railyard at Blackwell, Oklahoma. source

Oklahoma Railroad Jobs Reduction of 1920's

By the year 1920, Oklahoma railroad industry has grown enormously, reaching it's peak.

Right after, traffic has started to be diverted from rail to road, with many people finding buses more comfortable than steam locomotives.

After the Great Depression and the World War II, people have turned to the cars, buying their own private way of transportation. The result? A shrink to 5,570 miles, from its peak of almost 7,000 miles.

In 1995 Oklahoma railroad mileage was down to 3,434, or about half of what it had been in 1920.

Oklahoma Railroad Industry - Home to three Class Is

Kansas City Southern, Union Pacific, and BNSF Railway are the Class Is employers in the state with most of the revenue coming out of transportation of chemicals and non-metallic minerals.

There are 20 Shortline, Regional and Terminal Railroads offering railroad jobs in Oklahoma, Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

  • South Kansas and Oklahoma Railroad is a short line railroad which operates over 500 miles of rail lines in Oklahoma,Kansas and Missouri that used to belong to Missouri Pacific, Frisco and Santa Fe lines.

  • South Kansas and Oklahoma Railroad (SKOL) is a Class III carrier with offices in Wilburton, Oklahoma that operates two segments of the former Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad. Choctaw Route that originally ran between Memphis and Tucumcari. AOK started operations on March 3, 1996 on 73 miles of track.

  • Sand Springs Railway (SS) is a class III railroad operating in Oklahoma state. It began in 1911 as an interurban railway providing passenger service between Tulsa and Sand Springs.

  • Stillwater Central Railroad (SLWC) is a shortline railroad operating in Oklahoma. A subsidiary of the Watco Companies, the SLWC operates over 275 miles

  • The Texas, Oklahoma and Eastern Railroad (rk TOE) is a Class III short-line railroad with offices in De Queen, Arkansas. TOE operates a 39.8 mile line in Oklahoma from the Arkansas state line to Valliant, Oklahoma.

  • The Arkansas Southern Railroad (ARS) is a short-line railroad which started service in October 2005. ARS operates two disconnected lines consisting of 61 total miles.

  • The AT&L Railroad (ATLT) was started in May 1985 by Wheeler Brothers Grain Company operating about 49 miles of former Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad (CRI&P) track in Oklahoma.

  • Blackwell Northern Gateway Railroad (BNG) is a short-line railroad in Blackwell, Oklahoma. It operates 35.26 miles of line from Blackwell, OK to Hunnewell, KS.

  • Passenger Carriers in Oklahoma

    There are 3 passenger carriers in Oklahoma, Amtrak (AMTK) Oklahoma City Streetcar El Reno Heritage Express Trolley. Read more about a amtrak train conductor salary.

    In Conclusion..

    You will noticed that I mention in many spots around the website that being a railroader is not easy. I always remind future railroaders about the impact your social life may have, but if you are loving what you do, this is would make a great career with very good pay and benefits and many opportunities.

    Finding a railroad job in Oklahoma, especially in the Oklahoma City, Tulsa won't be a issue, your desired position, your actual experience will dictate how things will go.

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