Railroad Jobs in Colorado - Springs, Denver

Colorado it’s the 8th most extensive state in the United States, with a population of 5,7 millions, it’s operating over 2,600 miles of track.
There are approximately 2,700 railroad jobs in Colorado. The state was named for the Colorado River and it’s also called the Centennial State.

Railroad jobs in Colorado, Colorado Springs, Denver

Colorado is known as very diverse geographically, including a broad range of sights, from alpine mountains, to deserts, high plains and deep canyons.
The border between Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah is the only place in the United States where four states meet.

With a complex climate, the temperatures and precipitations greatly fluctuate throughout the state, making any job outside either amazing or detested. Depending what railroad job you will choose, you might be working outdoors.

If you read my previous posts, you know that I emphasize the difficulty of a railroader job. Long hours, in hostile environments and gone from home and family. I am not saying this to discourage you, but to picture you the whole image of being a railroad worker. As you know the salary and the benefits are great, especially after you get some experience.


Railroads played a very important role in the statewide development of Colorado. Starting with the gold rush, Colorado’s railroads followed mine, as naturally as summer follows spring.

Long has passed since than and by 2017 alone, about 18.8 million tons of freight or 266,700 carloads originated from Colorado, and about 29 million tons or 411,400 carloads have terminated in the state.

According to this source Colorado had 8,131 railroad Retirement Beneficiaries by 2017 with a total 181.7 million dollars in payments.

There are two Railroads Class Is in the state, BNSF and Union Pacific

Both offering railroad jobs in Colorado, hiring locomotive engineers, train conductors, yardmasters, mechanics, engineers.

Railroad jobs in Colorado are also offered by 3 regional railroads.

  • The Kansas and Oklahoma Railroad (KO) is a shortline railroad which despite the name, is primarily located in Kansas but extends into Colorado, not Oklahoma. It has a total length of 820 miles.

  • Kyle Railroad (KYLE) is a regional railroad line that runs from North Central Kansas into Eastern Colorado. It is based in Phillipsburg, Kansas and has a total length of 561 miles.

  • The Nebraska Kansas Colorado Railway ( NKCR), previously known as the Nebraska, Kansas and Colorado RailNet, is based in Grant, NE and operates about 509 miles of track in Southwestern Nebraska.

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    The Centennial State has 8 regional or terminal railroads

  • Cimarron Valley Railroad - ( CVR) runs over former C.V. and Manter Subdivisions of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad tracks in Oklahoma, Colorado and Kansas. One line runs from Dodge City, Kansas to Boise City, Oklahoma, the other from Satanta, Kansas to Springfield, Colorado. It has a total of 254 miles of track primarily hauling wheat, corn, and milo, along with sand, cement, poles, pipe, and fertilizers.

  • Colorado and Wyoming Railway (CW) was founded in 1899, it hauls coal, ore and steel products on about 5 miles of track in Pueblo, Colorado.

  • Denver Rock Island Railroad ( DRIR), formerly known as the Denver Terminal Railroad, is a Class III terminal railroad in Commerce City, Colorado. The DRIR works around Denver's stock yards and many industries in that area. The DRIR has two NW2 locomotives, two SW1500 locomotives , one SW1 locomotive and one EMD GP16 locomotive.

  • Great Western Railway of Colorado (GWR) operates about 80 miles of track in Colorado and interchanges with the Union Pacific Railroad as well as the BNSF Railway.

  • Rock and Rail (RRRR) is a short line railroad operating in southern Colorado. The railroad began in 1998, using tracks originally built by the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad that were abandoned after their merger with the Union Pacific Railroad (UP).

  • San Luis and Rio Grande Railroad ( SLRG) is a class III railroad operating in Colorado, it began serving in 2003, using 154 miles of tracks that used to belong to Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad .

  • San Luis Central Railroad (SLC) is a railroad company based in Colorado, it was founded in 1913 to haul sugar beets from grower to processor. After being bought by Pea Vine Corporation, it mostly haul grain and potatoes. The railroad is 13 miles long, between Sugar Junction and Center, Colorado .The railroad owns two locomotives: Electro Motive Division SW8 number 70 and General Electric 70 ton locomotive number 71.

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