Railroad Jobs in Illinois, Chicago.

The State of Illinois, with an area of over 57,000 square miles, hosts over 9,900 miles of railroad tracks, 7,792 of which are operated by Class I railroads.
Let's take a close look at Illinois railroad jobs providers.
According to this source, Illinois's economy has been awarded the 27th place in the U.S, with a 4.3% unemployment rate. The Land of Lincoln is the home of exactly 41 railroads, the prospect of finding a job in the railroad the industry is great.
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According to the AAR.org, Illinois Freight Railroad Industry has over 12,000 employees, with the average wages of $124,450 (benefits included).
Chicago is the largest most important railroad center in the United States, with more rail tracks going in/out than any other city. Chicago ranks second, after New York City in terms of passengers carried by train, daily.
The railroad industry is extremely important for Illinois, especially for Chicago where hundreds of thousands of people commute daily with Metra.
This is a broad industry, with people hired in many occupations. Some choose to be a train conductors, other locomotive engineers, some tend to get a job in the equipment maintenance. One thing you will have to keep in mind, railroad jobs are not easy. Many jobs, require the employee to be gone for an extended period of time, sometimes during the weekend or holidays.
Few of the biggest railroad jobs providers in Illinois are Amtrak, Canadian National Railway, Canada Pacific Railway, CSX Transportation, Kansas City Southern, Norfolk Southern Railway, Union Pacific, Alton & Southern Railway, Belt Railway of Chicago, Bloomber Shippers Connecting Railroad and many more. Sources: Wikipedia.org