Railroad Jobs in Florida - Jacksonville, Orlando, Miami.

Welcome back snowbirds…said no Floridian ever. But, Railroad jobs in Florida please, has been said!
The sunshine state has one trillion (1$ trillion) dollars economy, being the fourth largest economy in the United States.
Let's take a look at some potential railroad jobs in Florida.
With over 21 million people and over 65,755 sq miles, Florida is home of over 2,800 freight railroad miles, 15 freight railroads and over 4,800 freight railroad employees with an average annual salary of $122,420 (benefits included).
According to AAR.org, it would be needed about 4.8 million trucks to transport the 85.5 million tons of freight that is handled throughout the state, terminating or originating from within.

The railroad industry has shaped Florida as we know it today, it has opened the gates for the tourists and back in the day for the cotton industry.

Florida's railroad industry is a combination of many different occupations.
Being a railroader requires significant physical and mental strength, the good news is that Florida's climate comes at ease.

With the mildest winter, the average lowest temperature is around 77 degrees in Miami, the dream of any railroader working mostly outdoors.

Where can I find railroad jobs in Florida?

Railroad jobs in Florida could be found in passenger transportation as well, Brightline - Florida's diesel-electric high-speed train, being the newest in the category.
The train connects Miami and West Palm Beach, at speeds of 125 MPH and it's predicted to have over 3 million passengers per year.

Amtrak provides many railroad jobs in Florida, operating on a large scale in Sanford, Orlando, Tampa, Miami and Jacksonville.
According to BLS.gov, as of May 2017, there were 990 Railroad Conductors and Yardmasters employed in Florida, with an average the annual wage of $60,070.
CSX Transportation, Bay Line Railroad, First Coast Railroad, Tri-Rail, SunRail, Jacksonville Skyway, Seminole Gulf Railway, Walt Disney World Monorail, and World Railroad are few other companies that offers railroad jobs in Florida.

Passenger rail jobs in Florida

  • Amtrak
  • SunRail Orlando
  • Tri-Rail Miami
  • Florida East Coast/ Brightline,
  • Virgin Trains USA
  • Miami Dade Transit Metrorail
  • Tri-Rail offering railroad jobs in Florida

    Tri-Rail is a rail line connecting Miami, Fort Lauderdale with West Palm Beach. If you ever wondered where the ‘TRI’ prefix comes from, it refers to the three counties served which are Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade. Managed by the South Florida Regional Transportation Authority and CSX Transportation Florida, the line is owned by Florida Department Of Transportation.

    Tri-Rail jobs in Florida are plentiful, on the 70 miles-long tracks, the rail line has 18 stations along the Southeast Florida coast connecting directly with Amtrak and Metrorail.

    The rail company has a daily ridership of 15,000 people, and a revenue of over 10 million dollars as of 2010.

    Tri-Rail is a great train jobs provider in Florida offering a very competitive salary with a great benefits package. Benefits like health, dental, life and vision insurance, paid leave, retirement benefits and deferred compensation.

    According to their website, they don’t take job applications directly for certain positions, but through contracted vendors.

    Future Tri-Rail Train Conductors, Locomotive Engineers, Mechanics need to follow with Herzog to apply for a job.
    If you are interested in the Commuter Connectors which are the Shuttle Service you need to follow up with Keolis, for fare inspector and security with G4S and for station and facility maintenance with Stiles.

    SunRail is a train system offering jobs and serving customers in the Greater Orlando, Florida, area.

    The system includes 16 stations along a previously CSX owned line, connecting two counties, Volusia and Osceola right through Downtown Orlando.

    The company is financed by local and federal government being the second commuter system in the state, after Tri-Rail.

    SunRail railroad jobs in the Orlando, FL area are as well as Tri-Rail’s coordinated via contractors.
    According to their website, if you are interested Operations and Maintenance you should contact Stevens Cravis at Bombardier, for Ticket Vending Machine Equipment and Maintenance you need to contact Conduent, for Marketing and Business Development contact DTSGIS, Signal Maintenance same company as Tri-Rail - Herzog.

    railroad jobs in florida sun-rail

    Virgin Trains USA, Brightline offering railroad jobs in Florida

    Virgin Trains USA or previously known as Brightline until mid 2020 is an in-city commuter rail located in Florida.

    Virgin Train USA operates only passenger trains between Miami and West Palm Beach, with a stop at Fort Lauderdale.

    Virgin Train USA Florida has 10 locomotives all diesel-electric powered, and 20 passenger cars, all units made by Siemens in 2017.

    Brightline railroad jobs offered include a competitive salary and a great benefits package. According to this source, they have between 251-500 employees.

    railroad jobs in florida brightline

    There are 2 Class I railroads operating and providing railroad jobs in Florida

  • CSX Transportation ( CSXT) is a Class I freight railroad operating in the eastern United States and the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec. The railroad it’s huge, with over 21,000 route miles of track, it has the headquarters in, guess , Jacksonville, Florida. CSX Transportation provides a great amount of railroad jobs in Florida, Jacksonville, railroad office jobs as well as office jobs.

  • The Norfolk Southern Railway (NS) is a Class I freight railroad with headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, the company operates 19,420 route miles in 22 eastern states.

  • Two regional rails providing jobs in Florida.

  • The Alabama and Gulf Coast Railway (AGR) is a Class II railroad which operates 348 miles of track originating in Pensacola, Florida to Amory, Mississippi.

  • Florida East Coast Railway ( FEC) is a Class II railroad operating in the state of Florida, owned by Grupo México. The railroad was historically classified as a Class I railroad.

  • The Sunshine State has 10 shortline and terminal railroads

  • The AN Railway ( AN) operates between Port Saint Joe, Florida and a connection with the Florida Gulf & Atlantic Railroad at Chattahoochee, Florida. The railroad no longer reaches its namesake city of Apalachicola, Florida, as the rails have been removed between Franklin and Apalachicola. The railroad operates approximately 96 miles of track.

  • The Bay Line Railroad ( BAYL) operates between Panama City, Florida, and Dothan, Alabama. The line interchanges with the Florida Gulf & Atlantic Railroad at Cottondale, Florida, and with the CSX Dothan Subdivision . With a total length of 103 miles of tracks it carries a wide variety of commodities, including aggregates, brick, cement, chemicals, coal, food and feed products, forest products, metallic ores and minerals, steel, and scrap.

  • The First Coast Railroad (FCRD) is a class III railroad operating in Florida and Georgia, founded in April 2005 to lease 32 miles of a former Seaboard Air Line Railroad from CSX. It stretches east from Yulee to Fernandina Beach, Florida and north from Yulee to Seals, with a connection at Yulee to CSX.

  • The Florida Central Railroad Company (FCEN) is one of several short line railroads run by Regional Rail, LLC.

  • The Florida Midland Railroad Company, Inc. (FMID) is also operated by Regional Rail, LLC in Florida.

  • The Florida Northern Railroad Company, Inc. ( FNOR) operated and ran by Regional Rail, LLC. It has connections to CSX at Ocala, Florida, running north to Lowell, Florida, and south to Candler, Florida. It was formerly run by CSX as their Ocala Subdivision.

  • The Georgia and Florida Railway (GFRR) is a short line railroad operating in Georgia and Florida, with a 297 miles of track over numerous different rail lines, most of which radiate out of Albany, Georgia.

  • The Seminole Gulf Railway (SGLR) is a short line freight and passenger railroad with offices in Fort Myers, Florida, that operates two former CSX Transportation railroad lines. Seminole Gulf's main route extends nearly 80 miles and it starts in Arcadia and runs south to Punta Gorda, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, and North Naples.

  • South Central Florida Express, Incorporated (SCXF) or previously known as the South Central Florida Railroad (SCFE) is a short line railroad in southern Florida run by US Sugar Corporation, serving customers at 26 locations. The line largely runs from Sebring to Fort Pierce via Clewiston and runs around the perimeter of Lake Okeechobee.

  • The Jacksonville Port Terminal Railroad (JXPT) is a short line terminal railroad run by Watco Companies. It serves the Jacksonville Port Authority and tenants with over ten miles of track.

  • In conclusion, Florida railroad system is well developed and finding a railroad job in Florida, Orlando, Tampa area shouldn’t be a problem.

    The state has a gorgeous climate and working outdoors as a freight conductor would be something truly enjoyable.

    Looking for a railroad job in a different state? Check out the map below!