Railroad Jobs in Wyoming - Union Pacific, Cheyenne.

The state of Wyoming has a great railroad history, with the Union Pacific transcontinental railroad started being built in 1867, throughout the state.

As in many other parts of the nation, the railroads brought economic prosperity, and social development. Many cities in Wyoming were created as a railroad effect in the area.

There are few employers that offer railroad jobs in Wyoming, but before we dive into that, let’s take a close look at the state economy and what importance the railroads have in Wyoming.

Wyoming’s capital, Cheyenne is known as the capital “Railroad Capital”, a great place for train enthusiasts, the beautiful Cheyenne Depot, loaded with history and the Big Boy Steam engine, are just two examples of how rich Wyoming’s railroad history is.

In the city of Laramie, the history of the railroad can be found everywhere, talking about that, if you haven’t I suggest to tour the Historic Union Pacific Train Depot and museum.

Even if the state of Wyoming is the least populous state in the nation, it is in the top 10 largest one. With a population of a little over half of million, the state is well known for the beautiful national parks it offers.

railroad jobs in Wyoming
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Today, Wyoming’s economy is not very diverse, with most activity in tourism, agriculture and energy extraction. Since you probably guessed, a more diverse, richer economy translates in a bigger need of railroads or transportation infrastructure. Which is not necessarily the case in the state of Wyoming.

The state has three Class Is, one Regional Railroad and one Short Line and Terminal Railroad.

The Class Is offering railroad jobs in Wyoming, are Union Pacific Railroad, BNSF Railway and Canadian Railway.

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The state is also served by Rapid City, Pierre and Eastern Railroad, a Class II railroad, Bighorn Divide and Wyoming Railroad, Swan Ranch Railroad and Wyoming Connect Railroad.

With a total track length of around 1,800 miles, the state employs around 2,500 railroad workers.

If you are looking for railroad jobs in Wyoming I suggest you contact these railroad companies directly.

Keep in mind, working on the railroad is not easy, I mentioned this in many posts, you will have to work on the weekends and holidays. Your schedule might be all over the place. I am not trying to discourage you, I am just telling you what you need to know. The great thing about this is that if you like what you are doing, then working for a railroad is a great job with good salaries and benefits. Whether you choose to be an engineer, a train conductor, yardmaster, electrician or dispatcher, the requirements, salary and duties will differ.

Chances of securing a railroad job in the state of Wyoming are good.

Good luck to you!

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