Railroad Bridges in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has a rich railroad history, at its peak, back in 1920 it had over 11,000 miles of track and presently, thanks to this source I was able to count about 85 railroad bridges in Pennsylvania, that exist or existed in the last 100 years.

With American steel and iron manufacturers plants in PA, especially the Pittsburgh area, the railroads had a huge economic and landscape impact.

Along with the rail line expansion of the 1910-1920, hundreds of small manufactures started seeing the benefits and drastically improving their day to day business, of a large railroad infrastructure.

Soon after the state has been known not only for steel, coal, coke and lumber but leather, railroad cars, textiles and glass.

Great read for any train fan interested in Pennsylvania's railroad.

Railroad Bridges in Pennsylvania

As previously mentioned, I was able to count about 85 railroad bridges throughout PA.

  • 33rd Street Railroad Bridge is a truss structure which carries the Allegheny Valley Railroad on the P&W Subdivision over the Allegheny River in downtown Pittsburgh.

  • Albertus L. Meyers Bridge has a reinforced concrete open-spandrel arch and is located in Allentown. It carries two lanes northbound and one Southbound. It crosses Little Lehigh Creek, Harrison Street and M.L.K Jr. Drive.

  • B&O Railroad Bridge crosses Schuylkill River; it is owned by CSX Transportation and has swing bridge structure.

  • Beaver Bridge (Ohio River) spans the Ohio River between Monaca and Beaver and it carries two
  • Brilliant Cutoff Viaduct of the Pennsylvania Railroad is a stone arch bridge and it carries the Brilliant Branch, a small railway.

  • Carrie Furnace Hot Metal Bridge is a truss bridge, across Monongahela River between Whitaker, Pennsylvania and Rankin.

  • Columbia Railroad Bridge is a stone arch bridge carrying CSX Trenton Subdivision rail lines over the Schuylkill River.

  • Conestoga Creek Viaduct is a stone arch bridge, crosses Conestoga River and PA 23 carrying AmTrak Keystone Corridor.

  • Coraopolis Bridge is a girder bridge, across the Ohio River, crosses CSX.

  • Cumberland Valley Railroad Bridge is not in usage anymore.

  • Darlington's Bridge at Delaware Station was a former railroad bridge over the Delaware River.

  • Deer Creek Bridge, Stewartstown Railroad is a historic railroad bridge in Hopewell Township.

  • Delair Bridge is a vertical lift bridge made out of steel. It crosses Delaware River and it carries trains of New Jersey Transit Atlantic City

  • Delta Trestle Bridge, Maryland and Pennsylvania Railroad is a historic wooden bridge in Peach Bottom Township.

  • Fort Wayne Railroad Bridge is a double-deck steel truss, across Allegheny River, it carries two tracks

  • Foxburg Bridge was a truss steel bridge, crossing Allegheny River, it has been close and destroyed.
  • Glenwood B&O Railroad Bridge is a truss bridge, crossing Monongahela River and carries Allegheny Valley Railroad's W&P Subdivision

  • Herr's Island Railroad Bridge is a truss bridge across the Allegheny River between Troy Hill and Herrs Island.

  • High Bridge (Coatesville, Pennsylvania) is a stone arch bridge that crosses the West Branch Brandywine River maintained by AmTrak.

  • Kinzua Bridge was a railroad trestle, crossing Kinzua River, it collapsed in July 2013.

  • Layton Bridge is a truss steel structure bridge, the last train crossed it in 1931.

  • Lehigh Valley Railroad, Delaware River Bridge is an abandoned railroad bridge, that crosses the Delaware River.

  • Manayunk Bridge is an S shaped former railroad bridge in PA, over Schuylkill River.

  • Marysville Bridge was a railroad crossing of the Susquehanna River between Marysville and Dauphin, PA. It was built in 1858 and demolished in 1903.

  • McKeesport Connecting Railroad Bridge also known as Riverton Bridge, is a bridge that spans the Monongahela River between McKeesport, and Duquesne, Pennsylvania.

  • Morrisville–Trenton Railroad Bridge is a rail bridge across the Delaware River between Morrisville, PA and Trenton, New Jersey. It has a stone arch structure and it carries AmTrak Northeast Corridor, SEPTA Trenton line and NJ Transit Northeast.

  • Muddy Creek Bridge, Maryland and Pennsylvania Railroad is a historic bridge in Lower Chanceford Township and Peach Bottom Township, York County, Pennsylvania

  • New Geneva Bridge is a truss bridge that carries the Norfolk Southern Railway across the Monongahela River between Nicholson Township and Monongahela Township, Pennsylvania.

  • Ohio Connecting Railroad Bridge is a steel bridge which crosses the Ohio River at Brunot's Island at the west end of Pittsburgh, PA.

  • Oil City Pennsylvania Railroad Bridge is a truss bridge that carries the Western New York and Pennsylvania Railroad (WNY&P) across the Allegheny River between Cranberry Township and Oil City.

  • P&LE Liberty Boro Bridge is a girder bridge across the Youghiogheny River connecting the Pittsburgh industrial suburbs of Liberty and McKeesport, Pennsylvania. It carries CSX Keystone Subdivision.

  • P&LE McKeesport Bridge is a truss bridge across the Youghiogheny River connecting the east and west banks of the Pittsburgh industrial suburb of McKeesport, Pennsylvania.

  • Panhandle Bridge carries two rail lines of the Port Authority "T" line across the Monongahela River in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

  • PC&Y Railroad Bridge carries a single railroad track over the Ohio River, between Stowe Township, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania and Neville Island, Pennsylvania.

  • Peacock's Lock Viaduct is a stone arch bridge over the Schuylkill River near Reading, Pennsylvania, it carries Reading Blue Mountain and Northern Railroad

  • Pennsylvania Railroad Bridge (Columbia, Pennsylvania) has a long history, the track was removed and the bridge dismantled in 1963. The stone piers are still present in the river. A historical marker now commemorates the history of the bridge.

  • Pennsylvania Railroad, Connecting Railway Bridge

  • Philadelphia and Reading Railroad, Bridge at West Falls

  • Philadelphia and Reading Railroad, Schuylkill River Viaduct

  • Philadelphia, Wilmington and

  • Baltimore Railroad Bridge No. 1

  • Pinkerton's Landing Bridge

  • PRR Port Perry Bridge

  • Reading Viaduct

  • Ridge Road Bridge,

  • Stewartstown Railroad

  • Rochester-Beaver Railroad Bridge

  • Rockville Bridge

  • Safe Harbor Bridge

  • Schuylkill Arsenal Railroad Bridge

  • Scott Creek Bridge-North, Maryland and Pennsylvania Railroad

  • Selinsgrove Bridge

  • Shocks Mills Bridge

  • Skew Arch Bridge (Reading, Pennsylvania)

  • South Pennsylvania Railroad Bridge (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania)

  • South Road Bridge, Northern Central Railway

  • Speers Railroad Bridge

  • Starrucca Viaduct

  • Stone Arch Road Bridge,

  • Stewartstown Railroad

  • Stone Bridge (Johnstown, Pennsylvania)

  • Strawberry Mansion Bridge

  • Tunkhannock Viaduct

  • Union Railroad Clairton Bridge

  • Union Railroad Port Perry Bridge

  • Valley Road Bridge, Stewartstown Railroad

  • West Brownsville Junction Bridge

  • West Trenton Railroad Bridge

  • Wills Creek Bollman Bridge

    More information for each railroad bridge in PA, will come within the next few weeks.