How much does a railroad tie weigh? Wood, Concrete.

railroad ties treated

I have covered a few topics regarding the railroad ties, we have discussed how to get free railroad ties and what railroad ties are made of.
Since I started talking about railroad ties, I wanted to cover the whole topic, so here we are, finding out how much a railroad tie weighs.

I am sure you know that railroad ties are used to build …. You’re right, the railroads.

Something tells me that you are reading this post because you’re planning to load up a few railroad ties for your upcoming landscape project, perhaps you need to know how many of your buddies to call.

If I am wrong, leave your comment in the section below, tell me why are you interested in how much does a railroad tie weigh? Prove me wrong! Smile.

I know, you’re wondering how did I know that? Well, many people are interested in using railroad ties for landscaping purposes.

Ok, so perhaps I should answer the question, how much does a railroad tie weigh?

Short answer: A railroad tie weighs 150 lbs.

Long answer: Well, let’s look into it.

Why is there a long answer to this question, you may ask?

Few reasons,

First one is that railroad ties are made from different materials, the short answer is for railroad ties made out of wood with a length of 96 inches (8 feet), width of 8.5 inches and height of 6.5 inches.

Second, the bigger the railroad tie the heavier it is. Genius right?

Third, as older it gets, as lighter it gets.

So a railroad tie can weigh anywhere between 150 lbs to 200 lbs.

If you are planning to go and pick some up, make sure you get some help. Expect the railroad tie to weight around 150 lbs, perhaps even more.

The weight won’t be your only problem, that old creosote that was used to treat the wood can be sticky, and it can ruin your clothes, so gloves are recommended (talking from experience).

So if you take a Dodge Ram 3500 Laramie you can fit probably up to 16 ties, I believe the truck has a payload capacity of approx. 2500 lbs, which are about 16 railroad ties, of course subtract your weight and debate if your partner deserves a ride back home, oh! you need him for unloading.

I hope this article answers your question, if you are here just to find out how much a railroad tie weighs, I apologize for my way of trying to be funny and just refer to my short answer.