Does AmTrak Auto Train Allow Pets like Dogs or Cats?

AmTrak Auto Train can save you up to 900 miles of driving, which translates into gas consumption, wear and tear for your car and not the last, tiredness for you as a driver.

The comfort of a private train sleeper with access to a shower, warm meals can beat 900 miles of driving and of sleeping in the rest areas and eating gas station's corn-dogs.

Don’t get me wrong, I love road trips, as long as I can take them in under 6 hours. But maybe that is just me.

Let’s get to the point.

does amtrak auto train allow pets

Does AmTrak Auto Train Allow Pets?

The train leaves from Lorton, Virginia with the final destination in Sanford, Florida, you ride the train and take your car with you, sounds very convenient, and is in fact, unless you are a pet owner (that has to bring the pet on board).

AmTrak welcomes dogs and cats on most of their trains, unfortunately not on all of them, one of the trains that doesn’t allow pets on board is the Auto Train.

AmTrak Auto Train doesn’t allow pets on board.

Source: AmTrak