Do trains like Amtrak run in fog?

Trains are operating in many conditions including fog, Amtrak as well. The question should probably be reformulated, how does foggy conditions affect the train operations? 

Do trains run in fog? Amtrak as well?

The short answer: Yes, trains do run in fog/foggy conditions.


It is well known that operating any kind of machinery, trains included, is by far harder and riskier in adverse conditions like snow storms, fog, thunderstorms, which in many cases lead to delays and or cancellations.


do trains run in fog

If a train has to travel through sectors with dense fog, the train engineer has to follow certain protocols in order to preserve the safety of the passengers, crew and equipment.

Some of the protocols a locomotive engineer applies when it’s foggy:

  • Following CTC and train dispatcher signals
  • Slowing down (not desirable)
  • Knowing exactly the train position based on different RR signals

Auto vehicle drivers follow the road marks, especially when it's raining or snowing, engineers use landmarks to know where they are, like distance between certain signals and mileposts and/or road crossings.

For a locomotive engineer it is very important to be familiar with the tracks when travelling through a foggy sector, the upcoming curves, hills or downhills need to be accounted for, in order to adjust the train speed.