Does AmTrak Run in the Snow? Are Delays Possible?

AmTrak has become very reliable in the last few years, they take the events which are possible to cause delays very seriously, one of them is the weather. To be more specific, if you are planning to travel by AmTrak in the winter, you might’ve asked yourself if AmTrak runs in the snow? Quick answer: Yes, AmTrak and any other … Read More

Steam Engine Train Rides in Virginia and West Virginia

There is nothing that can, at least try to satisfy the nostalgia of the previous railroad era like a scenic steam engine train ride, and where can you find a great one? In Virginia or West Virginia. Virginia and West Virginia offers quite a few train rides, but how about a steam engine train ride? For us, the railroad enthusiasts, … Read More

Does AmTrak Auto Train Allow Pets like Dogs or Cats?

AmTrak Auto Train can save you up to 900 miles of driving, which translates into gas consumption, wear and tear for your car and not the last, tiredness for you as a driver. The comfort of a private train sleeper with access to a shower, warm meals can beat 900 miles of driving and of sleeping in the rest areas … Read More

Do AmTrak Trains Have Bathrooms? Where are them located?

AmTrak is a large passenger transportation system, traveling through 46 states and 3 Canadian provinces. There are many routes that take more than 12 hours, for example the Empire Builder average journey time is more tha 45 hours. Traveling by train is more than just getting to your destination, it’s relaxing and enjoying the surroundings, sleeping, reading, planning, dreaming. During … Read More

Are AmTrak Trains Cold?

Let me guess, you are preparing for a train ride, getting ready to pack and you’re wondering, is it going to be cold on this AmTrak train that I never rode before? The simple answer: It depends. The long answer: Are AmTrak Trains Cold? Well, without getting too philosophical in my answer, I am sure that’s the last thing you … Read More

Does AmTrak Weigh Luggage?

AmTrak operates over 300 trains daily, serving more than 500 destinations in 46 states and 3 Canadian provinces, while doing so, they also offer the most generous baggage allowance in the travel industry, with two carry-on baggage and two personal items (hand baggage) completely free. Even with the mentioned generous luggage policy, some travelers might find minutes before departure that … Read More

Does AmTrak Empire Builder have WiFi?

AmTrak Empire Builder travels daily between Chicago and the Pacific Northwest offering the amazing scenery of the Mississippi, North Dakota and Montana plains, followed by the spectacular views of Mt. Hood and Beacon Rock. While the trip is breathtaking, we live in the 21st century and we need to be connected to the internet for most of our activities, whether … Read More

Does AmTrak accept PayPal?

AmTrak is the largest train passenger transportation system in the United States, while they accept many ways to book your ticket, the question of AmTrak accepting PayPal is widely asked. Does AmTrak accept PayPal? No, they don’t accept PayPal, but there is a way around it. Let’s take a look at how you can buy an AmTrak train ticket using … Read More

Do AmTrak Trains Have Showers? What are they like?

train conductor training

While you are planning a long trip by train, the question of how to maintain good hygiene comes into play to anybody that travels for more than a few hours straight. There are many people asking if AmTrak trains have showers, while the general answer is yes, it depends what train you take and how long your trip will be. … Read More

Does AmTrak Have a Smoking Car?

amtrak train conductor

A crucial question asked by many smokers who are looking to travel by train in the near future, is if AmTrak has a smoking car or if it is allowed to smoke on a AmTrak train. Short answer: AmTrak does not have a smoking car and it is not allowed to smoke in the train or around the train. Things … Read More