Abandoned Steam Locomotives in the USA

It might seem crazy, given the work and expense they were to be produced, how many people have been involved in their manufacturing and how much knowledge was needed to create the steam locomotives, but it is not quite uncommon to find the masterpieces of the past era, slowly rusting, destroyed by the nature's force and not only.
Unfortunately, not all steam locomotives ended up in a museum or used for scrap metal, some were abandoned in train graveyards and simply left to rust on an abandoned railroad.
The steam locomotives industry and usage was an important chapter in the United States, with the first steam locomotive built in 1826.
Between 1830 and 1950, over 160,000 steam locomotives were built in the United States alone. The 20th century was the beginning of the end for railroad industry, as we knew it, starting with 1900s the steam locomotives were slowly replaced by diesel and electric locomotives. By 1950, most of the steam locomotives were retired.[SOURCE]
United States hosts over one hundred museums where people can explore a large number of not only steam locomotives, but cars, trams and much more.
By 2019 we were able to locate over five abandoned steam locomotives in the USA, the list is still open, and profiting of the occasion, I would personally like to invite you, to let us know in case you are aware of other cases.

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